L.R.M Photography

Lee is a portraiture photographer based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. He shoots most styles from fashion, family to fantasy and gothic. Check out his amazing portfolio.


"Alek is my go-to guy when it comes to my website. Having worked professionally with Alek for a few years, I knew how good he is in building websites so when I decided to have a personal website for my photography hobby there was no one else I trusted more than Alek to deliver.

Over the last few years I have evolved the website as my photography has processed and each time Alek was the person I went to for the changes I wished to make. Not only the front-end of the website design but also all the back-end coding.

I am extremely happy with my website and I know if there is anything I wish to add or change in future, Alek will deliver.

Very happy to highly recommend Alek."

- Lee


Pompery is a unique event hire company specialising in vintage American coloured glassware.


The Pompery e-commerce website is currently under the development. However here's a small preview of the design.


IT Culture Consultants. Projektmanagement-Consulting, -Coaching und Training für IT-Professionals.


"Awesome to work with. Very creative, a real Divi ninja. For everybody who is looking for Divi support, Alek is worth it!"

- Seb


MyDataAnalyst is a leader in data analytics. MDA uses data to improve sales and performance, and to predict and anticipate future trends.


"Alek has helped me take the website to the next level, taking what I had already and improving it."

- Revlin

White Label

Many other projects including white label websites, landing pages, web support and web admin, graphic design, WordPress and website training, SEO, marketing and more.